Telemental Health / Consultation / Supervision

Phone: 803-517-9526 / ​Fax: 773-632-0587

 Video sessions only account for a portion of

South Carolina supervision hours.

There is no limit for video sessions in North Carolina.

In person sessions are available.

Supervision for LPC/A

Office & Video

  • Individual Supervision
  •  ​Dyadic Supervision (2 people for 2 hours)
  • Group Supervision (minimum 3 people, maximum 6 people for 3 hours)
  • Payments are due in full at time of visit​​

North Carolina requires 3000 hours

with 100 hours of supervision.

South Carolina requires 1500 hours

with 120 hours of supervision.

Please call 803.517.9526

if you are interested in receiving

supervision for your SC or NC LPC with Jennifer. Jennifer is an LPCS in both SC and NC.

For more information about Play Therapy and EMDR check out these websites: 

Association for Play Therapy

​EMDR International Association

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