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Telemental Health / Consultation / Supervision

Phone: 803-517-9526 / ​Fax: 773-632-0587

J Ramieri Counseling, LLC is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina and offers Telemental Health Services through HIPAA-HITECH compliant software to persons physically located in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Rhode Island. Sessions are 50 minutes long and can be accessed through a computer, tablet, or smartphone with microphone and camera accessibility. Clients need to be located in a private room (not outside or in a vehicle), and will need to provide the address of the client's location during the session, as well as the emergency contact information of a person within 20 miles of said location. 

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please call 803.517.9526.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or visit your local emergency room.

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J Ramieri Counseling, LLC

Phone: 803.517.9526

​Fax: 773.632.0587